How To Build A Club
“As a 12 year Kiwanian my most rewarding Kiwanis moments by far
have been working with the Aktion Club”

CNH Aktion Club Advisor
An Aktion Club is sponsored by a Kiwanis Club usually in cooperation with a local agency supporting citizens who live with disabilities. An Aktion Club may also be sponsored by several clubs or a division and may involve your local Circle K and Key Clubs.
Getting Started:
Secure your Kiwanis Club Board approval to explore the opportunities of develping an Aktion Club. Form a small exploratory committee and order or download Aktion Club information Kits #1 and #2 from the Kiwanis International web site: Invite one of the CNH Aktion Club Administrators or local Aktion Club advisors to speak to your club about the wonderful excitement developing an Aktion Club can bring to your Kiwanis Club. Once you have laid the foundation you are ready to begin developing an Aktion Club.
    Seven Steps to Aktion
  1. Secure a Sponsoring Kiwanis Club with a commitment to allocate the $460 global Charter Application fee. This fee will purchase the Aktion Club’s gong, gavel, and banner and first year membership dues for the Charter members of the Club. Review with the Sponsoring Kiwanis Club Board of Directors the Agreement and requirements of sponsoring a Club which will be signed by the Club President.
  2. Select the Kiwanis Aktion Club Advisor(s) who will be responsible for attending meetings, participating in activities, providing Kiwanis orientation, training and overall Kiwanis direction to the Aktion Club.
  3. Meet and select the supporting agency and secure a commiment to co-sponsor the Aktion Club. The agency administrator usually appoints the agency coordinator(s) who will attend meetings and participate in all activites of the club. Review the Agency Agreement and requirements of the sponsoring agency which will be signed by the Agency Administrator.
  4. Recruit the Action Club members from the the agency clients soliciting nominations from the agency personnel. Schedule an orientation meeting and secure applications from the interested prospective members. There is no minimum number of members required to form an Aktion Club.
  5. Officially organize the club and complete the Petition for Charter application and submitt to Kiwanis International with the application fee.
  6. Hold a Charter Celebration inviting all family members, Kiwanis Club members, District and Division officers and agency staff, board members and local press.
  7. Launch the Aktion Club by holding regular meetings, service activites, fund raising activities, inter-clubs and social activties.
I Can Do Anything You Can Do
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