About Aktion Clubs
“All my life people helped me, now I get to help others”
Brian Strugeon Past President CNH Aktion Club                

What is an Aktion Club? An Aktion Club is an official Kiwanis Sponsored Service Leadership Program oriented to adult citizens who live with disabilities and who are interested in service to their communities. It is the newest of Kiwanis’ sponsored programs. Aktion Club became an official Service Leadership Program of Kiwanis International on October 1, 2000. Today there are over 350 Aktion Clubs worldwide with about 5500 members. In 2009, within the Cal-Nev-Ha District we have 39 Chartered Aktion Clubs with over 450 members.

Sponsorship: An Aktion Club is sponsored by a Kiwanis Club usually in close partnership with a local agency supporting citizens who live with disabilities. An Aktion Club may be sponsored by a Division. It may also involve a Circle K or Key Club in sponsorship and program activities.

A supporting agency is often times essential to the success of an Aktion Club. Many Aktion Club members have special language, transportation, physical and behavioral needs that require expertise the sponsoring agency staff brings to the club’s activities.

Club Membership & Structure: Membership is open to any adult (over age 18) who lives with a disability and desires to become a leader in his or her community and wishes to provide service to others. No minimum number of members is required to start and Aktion Club, although club membership of about 15 is recommended.

Aktion Clubs are structured much like Key Clubs or Circle K Clubs. They operate under a set of by-laws, elect their own officers, set their own service priorities and raise their own funds all with the help of their sponsoring Kiwanis organization.

Initially, the sponsoring Kiwanis organization pays a $460 global fee to start a club. This covers the cost of the banner, gavel, gong, first year dues for all charter members and includes their pins and membership certificates. Annual dues after the first year are currently $5.00 per member.

It is important to note that this is not the only way that special needs individuals can choose to participate in Kiwanis. Many people with disabilities choose to join and participate in Kiwanis Clubs and all the other Service Leadership programs.
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